FiDi Resurgence

FiDi ResurgenceNew YorkWorld Trade Art Gallery11.03.2010

FiDi Resurgence is an art gallery exhibit showcasing the work of three Lower Manhattan residents: Michael D’Agostino, Sandrine Ronvaux, and Eric Hazard.


“The gallery hosts the large, comic book-inspired art of Sandrine Ronvaux, with specific pieces dedicated to the fame of Frank Miller’s “Sin City” – but the Luxembourg native’s talents for artistic expression extend much further than the venerable pages of graphic novel noir. Fully embroiled in the trenches of chaotic emotion, stands a massive painting called “Eu não sou eu,” which translates into “I am not myself.” It shows a fragile and exposed form desperately writhing in a fetal position in one, black-and-white frame; while another features vibrant red and urgent, clawing hands eager to close the world away, as pieces of white rain upon them. Favored by some and shunned by others, the piece is undoubtedly effective, possessing strength, intensity and most of all, a sense of presence.” Olga Privman, April 27,2010, An artistic enclave in the Center of Commerce,

World Trade Art Gallery, New York

FiDi Resurgence


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